FEAST and Fellowship with Urban Democracy FEAST

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Kalamazoo, MI (Majyck Radio)- Numerous folks involved with Urban Democracy FEAST are busy behind the scenes preparing for a very busy Saturday. Members are gathering Bank Street Market Kalamazoo, MIfood ingredients all the way to table settings and childcare in preparation for many curious community members to participating in a grass-root, crowd funded democratic process of voting for social projects.

Three projects will be presented this evening sharing gaps of social equality in Kalamazoo. The project that receives the most votes at the end of the evening will be awarded the cash prize. This money is then used to further their project goals and outcomes.

No long drawn out process for reporting. The winner only needs to attend the next FEAST and give a report on what progress was made with the monies received.

This dem...

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Hay Market Massacre of 1886

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haymarket-riot-hero-ABKalamazoo, MI (Majyck Radio)-May 1, 1886 was  the beginning of a nationwide movement for the eight-hour  work day. Tension mounting from labor, skilled and unskilled workers because the federal government did not enforce a 1867 law that covered eight-hour day work, so the State of Illinois did not enforce this law as well.

 On Sunday, May 2, more than 35,000 workers walked off their jobs. But on Monday, May 3, the peaceful scene turned violent when the Chicago police attacked and killed picketing workers at the McCormick Reaper Plant. This police violence provoked a protest meeting which was planned for Hay Market Square on the evening of Tuesday, May 4.  Almost 200 officers marched to the meeting and ordered it to disperse.

Then someone threw a bomb at the police, killing one office...

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Earth Day-April 22, 2015

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Majyck Radio-Kalamazoo- Executive Director, Tara Edwards of Interfaith Neighborhood Network Center  Kalamazoo is busy making preparations for a busy day of weed pulling, brush removal and laughter on Fresh green veggies & herbsEarth Day.  Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and has become an annual event, celebrated on April 22. A day of events worldwide that  are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  Earth Day is celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

Interfaith Garden Club Earth Day Event will kick off at 3pm. If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities, contact Tara Edwards at 269 -382-0012

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New Initiative Provides Micro-Grants to Local Social Projects

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Majyck Radio-(Kalamazoo, MI)

 In just a few short weeks, a group of community organizations (including a co-operative), educators and graduate students, independent media operators, urban farmers and professional cooks have started a face-to-face crowd funding process in Kalamazoo. This process occurs over a meal instead of over the Internet so that we can exchange information about lived experiences that reveal shared problems, common obstacles and ways to overcome them by thinking together and teaching each other. Twice this year and three times next year we will host an urban FEAST to raise funds that will support social justice projects demonstrating direct democracy and accountability. We define social justice as equal access to all the resources and services.

The goal of the orga...

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